Rachael is a recent South Padre Island, Texas  transplant, arriving here with her husband and four children from the Pacific Northwest in 2017.  She was born in Washington, but has lived in Alaska, Hawaii, California, and Mexico, never far from the sea.  She has a love for travel, and has always enjoyed seeing new places, as well as the inspiration that accompanies each new discovery.  Though dance has always been one of her greatest passions, in quiet times she has found a growing love for creating jewelry.  Rachael has never had any formal instruction in jewelry making, but it has been a lifelong interest, as well as a source of relaxation, and a way to share beauty with family and friends.  She has often adopted locally discovered materials in her travels, enjoying the creative process of incorporating feathers, semi-precious stones, shells, river stones and other assorted natural treasures, often collected by her beach combing children on family walks.

Rachael's jewelry is also sold at her family's seaside restaurant:

Lobo Del Mar Café.